January 18, 2021
January 18, 2021


Communications planet Ltd is a PR firm that seeks to maintain a company's image and communicating its massage to its clients, investors and the general public through use of its strategists.

Public Image Strategy

Our public relation's strategists will work with top executives in the organization to craft an overview of how the company wants to be perceived and how it is going to project a positive image. This will involve focusing in on exactly the right message, and then deciding on the broad outlines of a campaign to disseminate that message.

Outreach Events

Our public relation's professionals will arrange events to raise the profile of the organization or lend its brand and name to a charitable event that represents the philosophy of the company.

Other service will include

*Media relations - outreach to presses conferences, exhibitions, open day and press tour

*Writing - We write press releases, collateral

*Social Media -Learning and cultivating online conversation for clients and the firm

*Media Training - role playing for clients into real interviews

*Spokes-person duties - stepping in as the face of clients

*Crisis Management

We plan to launch a quarterly issue advertisement magazine titles CPL Magazine.

Targeted at corporate business and key decision makers, the publication is for building companies through advertising their products and services, thus re-igniting the growth of their advanced business to drive continuous success


Real People, Real PR, Real Results

CPL Magazine

CPL Magazine is a quarterly advertising business magazine published by Communications Planet Ltd a member of TBI Group.

The Magazine will cover all sectors of economy;Banking,Insurance,Communication,Mining,Petroleum,SME's,Agriculture,Energy sectors and Parastatals and County Governments, East, South & West Africa.

CPL Presents to the readers