Message From Group Founder and MD

"We have the simplest of taste, we are always satisfied with the best"

TBI Group is more than just business to us. It's a labour of love and a reflection of our own personalities. I realized at an early age that quality is not an act; it's a habit. This maxim is what we try to pursue and share with like-minded people in various industries.

Our success in building TBI Group with solid track records are direct results of our focus on quality and long-term strategy approach in everything we do. This customer focus approach has resulted in a long term repeat business with our many clients.

Our clients are guaranteed independent and biased services and products that does not stop at merely meeting expectations but often exceeding them. At TBI Group we must strive not only to survive but be the best in our products and services, setting bench-marks while holding ourselves to the same high standards of product and service. The year 2021 is one of the tremendous strides in terms of growth and venturing into new products and services.

We have incorporated a number of affiliate companies to allow for the bargaining growth while other affiliates have been receiving lucrative contracts that cemented their standard on various expertise.

We pledge to be your premier "one stop shop" that provides quality experiences, upscale products and high end services. But what we have done so far, is just the beginning. There is much more to be accomplished by us, as your business support center of choice on your path to growing success. That is why we look forward to a strong partnership with you.


Thank you for joining hands with us.

Fabian F. Mutinda

Founder & Group MD.